Coolest Monkey Flip Flop Cake

I made this Monkey Flip Flop Cake from an 11 X 13 pan. I bought a pair of new cheap flip flops to make my pattern from. I cut the cake length wise and each piece was one flip flop. I made the butter cream frosting and “crumb” coated it, then put it in the fridge while I made the bananas out of candy clay (you can make it out of gum paste or fondant, but that doesn’t have a taste to it).

Then I colored my butter cream frosting and frosted the cakes. To make the straps, I used red Twizzlers, to make the monkeys on the side of the flip flops I bought chocolate frosting, (not whipped) and swirled the frosting in a circle and made little ears. Then I got mini vanilla wafers and trimmed the edge off and put on the chocolate swirl rounded top up, for the monkey face.

I piped white and black for the eyes and black lines for the nostrils, from icing I put in a baggie. For the monkeys on the straps, I used regular size vanilla wafers as the base for the monkey face. Then I put the candy bananas on the side, smeared frosting on the board and sprinkled crushed vanilla wafers as the sand. Then piped “grass” in the areas I couldn’t get sand.

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