Coolest Flip-Flop Cake

I made these edible flip-flips for our Laua Themed family reunion. I used my husbands flip flops (I wanted a big enough template to use a lot of cake) and I traced them and made templates with paper. I baked a rectangular cake then cut out the shapes of the flip flops. I placed them on a separate board for decorating so I would be able to completely decorate the entire ‘shoes’. This made it easier to place them side by side on the display platter, otherwise it would’ve been difficult to decorate them in between.

I used Nilla wafers and crushed them to make “sand” in my platter. I then used a spatula and carefully removed the ‘shoes’ from my decorating board and placed them in the ‘sand’. The ‘straps’ are made with sour string candy and placed to resemble the straps of flip flops. The flower is an artificial flower just to add some flare. It’s the only part that wasn’t edible.

Hope you enjoy making these, they were quite a hit!

Homemade Flip-Flop Cake

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