Cute Homemade Flower Pot Cake

I made this Flower Pot Cake for mother’s day for my mother in law. I used Oreo cookies for the dirt on top and fondant for the flowers. The whole cake is edible! The cake is French vanilla!

I baked two cakes, put them on top of each other, added the icing in between the tiers and then went with the knife around to shape it down as a flower pot. Once I had it shaped more or less I covered it in fondant.

I added a ribbon as well as heart shaped fondant around the pot. For the flowers I left the fondant a bit thicker so that I give the impression of 3d and I used different sizes of cookie cutters and placed them around higher and lower. The leaves are hand made and I used tooth picks to hold them up next to the flowers. I also placed some on the dirt as if they have fallen.

For the honey bee I used a cookie cutter as well. At the end I just added the little tag with Happy mother’s day. My mother in law absolutely loved it!

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