Cool Homemade Flower Pot Cake

This Flower Pot Cake is a good idea for a Teen party, dirt cake made into a flower pot. Make a chocolate cake (any box brand will do for busy parents). Bake a brownie, mix 2 boxes of chocolate instant pudding, let chill and add 2 packs of Oreo cookies crumbled.

Once all is made crumble up the cake and brownie mix and place in large chunks in any clean flower pot, pour pudding over top and then finish up by topping that with the Oreo crumbles and place in the ice box for at least 2 hours.

Add any flower arrangements that suit you and there you go, an edible flower bed! Enjoy, we sure did!

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Flower Pot Cake”

  1. Love it!! My 4 year old son, who is helping me find a cake to make for my mother’s 70th birthday, thinks I am crazy for saying this is a cake. LOL! I might try this one out…


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