Coolest Flower Pots Birthday Cake

These two Flower Pots Birthday Cake was a cake gone wrong.

I started with a 6″ chocolate cake and it wasn’t good for carving. So I took 3″ round cookie cutters and stacked them 2 high. Then I carved off the base a little to give them a flower pot shape. I covered them in buttercream and fondant that I dyed a terracotta color. I left the top open to allow the chocolate cake give them the “dirt” look.

Next I cut out fondant flowers and leaves, and shaped purple and white roses. I covered a toothpick in green fondant for the main stem of the flowers and started attaching the flowers with liquid fondant. Then I added a little sparkle to the flowers and painted the pots with some brown food coloring to give them a rustic look.

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