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Coolest Garden Lover’s Birthday Cake

I started this Garden Lover’s birthday cake with a 1/2 sheet cake and cut it in half and iced it with butter cream icing. I used 2 muffin tins to make the flower pots and iced them. I bought 2 candy flower roses on clearance at a cake decorating store and used those on top of the flower pots.

I made the dirt in the flower pots out of the same things I made the dirt road and garden dirt out of, crushed some Oreos and mixed them with brown sugar to make. I used a basket weave tip to make the fence around the bottom of the cake and then used various size tips to make the flowers and a leaf tip to make the vines. I took cardboard and folded it to make the bench and the little gazebo. I piped a pair of gloves and a spade beside a sign that read “Maw-Maw’s garden” that I made out of a Popsicle stick and an index card that I cut with my scrap booking scissors.

This cake was made for a friend’s mama who is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease but really loves her garden and kinda uses that as her safe place. My friend said she was absolutely thrilled with her cake.

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