Coolest Foot Cake Idea

This Foot Cake Idea was my husband’s to show appreciation to my Doctor on the surgery he did on my right foot. Just a word of warning before you begin. If you are using your own foot as the model, don’t do like I did and drop the knife onto your foot. It kinda hurts!

The cake is totally hand sculpted out of two, stacked, 9 in yellow pound cakes that I flavored to taste like mint chocolate. Then it is covered in chocolate frosting to make a “mint chocolate chip cake”. The fondant covering is made from melted marshmallows. Now to get the size and approx shape of my foot I simply traced the outline of my foot onto a piece of paper and used it as a template to cut out the shape. After it was sized and cut I just began to free sculpt the foot until I reached my desired look.

I then crumb coated the cake, froze it and later covered it with the fondant. I used a tooth pick to create the creases and toe nails that I later painted with gel food color. There is also a scar made with fondant down the right side of the foot to represent where the surgery took place. Lastly I covered the cake board in green fondant and used food coloring yet again to address the Doctor with my thanks.

FYI Pound cake is the easiest cake to use if you are going to do some free sculpting because it holds it shape together with out creating a lot of crumbs.

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