It’s my husband’s birthday and I thought it would be nice to bake a cake having some of the things he works with, modeled on it. So I decided to model a stethoscope and I used regular fondant icing to create like patches of cotton wool around the base of the cake. I used the main color to be sky blue because it is the color of his theater clothes. Some others use green.

The heart shape could have been red, since that is the natural color of the heart, but I like to do things a bit different (so the cake doesn’t look so serious minded) lol. And went ahead and made it white and then wrote on the white heart shape cut out “DR ON CALL”. My husband loved It when he saw it. And I was glad I made it.

On another note I’ll like to add this. Well done all doctors out there doing a great job. Finally, the cake itself was made with mixed fruits & chocolates along with the other cake ingredients. Here are some pictures below.