Coolest Fountain Cake

My 10 yr old daughter, Javan, designed and decorated this Fountain Cake on her own. I thought it turned out fabulous. The bottom is a square red velvet cake with tinted buttercream icing. The top layer is a 6 inch cake set in one corner, not centered.

On the top she made a circle with Twizzler strings. She filled it with blue icing using the grass tip in a circle motion for water. Then she cut blue raspberry Twizzlers into thin strips and stuck them into the top of the cake to look like a fountain. The side of the top cake has a Twizzler string for decoration and red, yellow, brown and orange M&M’s to look like rocks around the bottom.

Her flowers are the best part. They are made with suckers which she used icing to glue pre-made candy flowers to and green Twizzler pieces at the bottom to look like grass. She did everything herself, from mixing the cake to serving it to her guests. I could not be more proud and it goes to show that anyone with a little patience can make an outstanding cake.

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