Swimming Pool Cake

My mom and I made this swimming pool cake for a “double birthday bash” for my two little boys. We used an 11 x 15 pan for the base, iced it with white icing, and made everything else out of fondant/gum paste. The cake and characters were modeled after the invitation so it tied in with the theme of the pool party really well.

We used pre-colored fondant for most of the pieces, which we made the day before the party. For the little boys and rocks we used white fondant tinted with brown. For the water we cut a template from parchment, placed it over the cake and sprayed the icing with blue. The slide was part of a Dora play set that my dad cut down so we just had the slide. The umbrellas were wooden pieces purchased at Hobby Lobby.

We had a great time experimenting with the fondant. The fondant pieces were placed on the cake at the party.

3 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Cake”

  1. that’s a really cool birthday cake! I’m having my 13th birthday in December and the theme is a pool party and I’m going to use your way of making it.just 1 question what is fondant? (I’m blonde, I’m not smart :P )

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I want to make a cake for my water aerobics class. I was trying to figure out how to make most, but not all, of the top blue icing.

    I love your idea of using a template and spraying the water area blue. I’ve never used the spray, so this will be a new trick. I plan to make the sides and top area around the pool concrete colored.


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