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Coolest Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

I made this Swimming Pool Birthday Cake for a pool party that my kids were invited to. It is very easy. I used a french vanilla cake mix and butter cream frosting. I frosted the entire cake and then outlined the “pool” with a tooth pick. I then used blue food icing gel (thanks to advice I read on this site)… some people use blue jello to fill in the pool which looks cool. I used white icing to outline the pool.

A wafer cookie which is frosted is used as the diving board. I used blue and white icing for the pool rope. Teddy grahams with icing for bathing suits are the “pool party guests”. Life saver jellies are used for preservers. Rainbow sour fruit rolls are the towels. I added “grass” around the side by mixing coconut and green food coloring. My kids absolutely loved this cake!

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