Coolest Life Preserver Cake

Our friends and I decided we were having a luau birthday party for our sons who were both turning one and I wanted something less girly than flowers or a sunset and that would be fairly simple to prepare (this Life Preserver Cake was my first homemade birthday cake). If you are using this for a party where you want your own child to have his own retain center circle for later use!

This cake is very easy to make from scratch or box. Prepare your cake by the recipe instructions. Leave it in it’s baking pan to cool then freeze overnight. The next day I placed a bowl over the center of the cake to make cutting out the center circle more even. Retain center piece of cake for later use if you so desire,( I used it for the birthday boy’s personal cake).

Ice entire cake with white icing using a spatula as smooth as possible. Using red icing I made four stripes then smoothed and widened them with a spatula again. I piped the water into the middle and waves on the sides using the ribbon tip and did the words with a dot tip.

This cake only took me about 25mins to ice from start to finish and I was thrilled with the result.

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