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Cool Homemade Frog Birthday Cake

For our auntie that loves frogs, this Frog birthday cake was for her. I started by making a 1/4 chocolate sheet cake for the base of the cake, and 1 9″ round for the frog. I again used my homemade marshmallow fondant, the base was crumb coated in butter cream frosting then covered with fondant.

I cut the corners of the sheet cake off and saved them for the frogs eyes. I “glued” the two halves of the round cake together with frosting, and set them up on the flat end crumb coated the frog part of the cake and placed two of the corners on top of the rounds to make the bumps for eyes.

Then covered the whole thing with green fondant. The blue was then piped on with a star tip for water. Flowers, mouth, and tongue were made with gum paste along with the fly that didn’t come out so well.

This was a big hit

Homemade Frog Birthday Cake

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