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Cool Homemade Female Frog Cake

Well it’s official…I have become a Cake Lady for my little town I live in. Happy to have people refer me to make cakes for them. I got a call asking me to make a cake with a girl frog. A lady’s daughter wanted her birthday theme to be pink and girl frogs.

I didn’t have much luck looking online for a girl frog cake so I did the next best thing….I Googled girl frogs. I found one girl frog picture I liked and it was a garden stone with the girl frog on it. I printed it out to use as an outline.

I outlined the frog& her eyes, freckles, mouth & white bracelet are done with a #3 tip and colored the inside with a #18 tip. I outlined the lilly pad & flowers again with a #3 tip and filled them in with a #16 tip. The same was done for my butterfly on top of the frogs head!

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