Coolest Garden Cupcakes

We did a Garden themed party for my daughter Lily’s 1st birthday. We decided on the Garden theme based on her name.

I baked Garden Cupcakes for the occasion and did a “Rose Garden”, and a “Vegetable Garden”. The cupcakes were both mini and regular sized cakes, and were just a boxed mix! I made buttercream frosting and tinted it in several shades for the roses (very simple roses made with a 1M tip, just swirled around the cupcakes and allowed to set in the fridge! A VERY easy way to make beautiful roses easily).

The “Vegetables” were all made out of candy. I used ‘Airheads’ taffy, Gobstoppers, Starburst, and Skittles. Peas are made by rolling out a rectangle of green airheads candy (about 1/2 inch wide by 1.5 inches long), and stuffing 3 green Skittles on one side and forming the other side around, round the edges with your fingers.

Tomatoes were gobstoppers with Airhead “leaves” (cut thin strips and stick on with vanilla extract). Carrots, cut an orange Starburst in half, and shape each half into carrot-like forms, top with Airhead “leaves”. The green onions are white and green airheads just formed with my fingers, topped with long Airhead “leaves”.

Bake and cool the cupcakes (minis bake at 320 F for 24 mins), frost with a thin layer of buttercream and roll in Oreo cookie crumbs. Top with a candy “vegetable” (use a dab of frosting to hold in place.

Voila! Delicious, and such a fun display! And the veggies tasted great!




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