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Cool Homemade Vegetable Garden Cake

I made two garden cakes for my 4 and 6 year old’s birthdays, both in May. We just planted and thought it was a good tie in for them. They love sunflowers in the garden and the veggies so we made a variety to add color and variety.

Two square cakes, different flavors, multi-colored fondant (bought off Amazon), regular chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles for dirt, jelly bean rocks and edible Easter grass, also off Amazon to add long grass and little bunnies to the garden.

Only really limited by imagination. I made the fence posts, the veggies, flowers and cake the night before, then put them altogether in the morning. Really wasn’t too hard, much trial and error but was really fun.

Homemade Vegetable Garden Cake

Homemade Vegetable Garden Cake

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