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Coolest Gator Cupcake

I made this Gator cupcake cake for my son’s soccer team, The Gators, end of year party.

I copied some photos that I found online of this concept. I used 24 cupcakes. To make them easier to decorate I put them in my freezer for about 1 hour, and then put a dollop of icing on the bottom of each cupcake before putting them in place on board. They adhere to the board with the icing especially well when they are cold.

The scales were not as difficult to accomplish as I thought they might be. Before I did this cake I had never made cupcakes, and hadn’t decorated a cake in 15 years, so this is a cake anyone can do! It took 1 hour to do the scales. I did the scales with piping by cutting a small hole at the tip of a plastic disposable decorating bag, holding the parchment bag at approximately a 45 degree angle to the cake, squeezing with a constant pressure, in a sort up and down zig zag motion, continually moving from the head of the gator to the back.

The scales are the corners of chocolate graham crackers. The claws are banana runts, the eyes are 2 marshmallows held together with a toothpick, and junior mints stuck on with icing, and the nostrils are green jelly beans. The teeth are white icing.

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