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Coolest Ghost and Pumpkin Cake

I made this Ghost and Pumpkin Cake for my sons’ 8th birthday which had a Halloween theme. The bottom was made using two bunt cakes (both colored orange) that I put on top of each other with frosting and dowels between them to create the “pumpkin” shape. I then frosted it orange.

I made the ghost with fondant. I used a Styrofoam column and half ball that I then laid the fondant over creating my “ghost.” I used frosting to create the ghost face, vines and leaves, and the Jack-o-lanterns’ face. I let my son draw the face he wanted on a piece of paper and then used that drawing to create the face on the pumpkin.

I used leaves I purchased at our local dollar store around the base to finish it off. This cake was a huge hit!

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