This is a three tiered giant Cupcake cake. The top is a giant cupcake made from the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, the second tier is an 8 inch round that is 3 inches deep, and the bottom tier is a 12 inch round, that is 3 inches deep.

The cake is a almond sour cream cake. All cakes are decorated with butter cream icing with butter cream filling. The stripes, polka dots, and cherry are all made from colored fondant. I matched the icing colors and fondant colors to the plates and napkins I was using. I did the color the fondant myself instead of purchasing pre colored fondant.

The banner is made from fondant and the writing is in butter cream. I cut the banner from rolled fondant, did the writing, made it curve where I wanted it to, and let it dry over night. I just set it in front of the cake, it is not attached.

The border is just a white butter cream dot in a #12 tip. The stripes on the cupcake were done in a number 12 tip for aqua and lime and a number 5 tip for the royal blue.