Cool Homemade Giant Pirate Cupcakes

My niece and nephew wanted a cupcakes for their combined Pirate birthday party so I decided they each needed their own special Homemade Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake. I didn’t want to buy a pan so I used a round metal bowl for the top and a mini round pan for bottom. I used the mini round for the bottom and the cake I baked in metal bowl I used for the top since it was exactly like a cupcake top and used frosting to hold together.

Since I wanted it to look like a actual cupcake I used a coffee filter to get the appearance of a muffin liner. Then just frosted. For the decorations I used chocolate candy that I made, then just added pirate flags to look more Piratey.

Homemade Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

Homemade Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

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