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Coolest Giant Hamburger Birthday Cake

This cake was created for a Burger Bash event to celebrate the birthday of the Burger Beast; a blogger who rates hamburgers and other foods primarily in South Florida.

About the cake; it is composed of 7 chocolate and vanilla layers of 16″ circles! The top bun is 3 layers, burger and bottom bun are 2 layers each. Each section is frosted with vanilla buttercream, filled with chocolate fudge buttercream, and covered with rolled fondant; then the “condiments” added as the burger was built.

I used chocolate fondant for the burger and tinted white vanilla fondant a buttery color for the buns. I then used Wilton orange color mist to give it a golden look and used a tear-drop cutter for the sesame seeds. The lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, ketchup, and mayo are all tinted fondant.

This homemade giant hamburger birthday cake was so heavy I delivered it in 2 pieces adding the top bun at the very end and praying that it would be structurally sound and not collapse! The burger and the event were a great success :)

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  1. I hosted this event, and I have to say that the cake was the hit of the party… and it was the best tasting cake that my family and I have ever had!


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