Hamburger Cake

There are several July birthdays in my family, so I decided to make a cake for my family members. I decided on a Hamburger Cake and got many ideas from contributors from this site. You all had such wonderful contributions. It was hard to pick one, so I used ideas from several entries.

I had to have a big cake, so I used my 13″ round Wilton pan. I used two yellow cake mixes for my bun. Before I baked this, I ground up some cheerios for the seeds and sprinkled on top. After it was baked, I let cool for 10 minutes, then turned it out of pan onto a rack. Then I let cool overnight, before I torted it.

I then got two low fat brownie mix and baked for the hamburger. I put creme cheese filling on top of bottom bun for the mayo, then put the ‘hamburger’ on. I then used chocolate frosting and went around the burger with it.

I made ‘tomato’ out of red fondant and put on the edges on top of the burger. Then I rolled out green and yellow gumdrops for the pickles and placed them in the same manner as the tomato.

I took coconut that I colored green and sprinkled on edges on top for the lettuce.

I then put more creme cheese filling on top bun and placed carefully on top.

Then I needed ‘fries’, so I went to the Dollar Store and bought a pound cake. I sliced it up and placed in different ways on a plate and drizzled red frosting on it for ketchup.

This completed my cake and it was a huge hit.

I did find out by rolling out yellow gumdrops, it looked perfect for melted cheese, but did not use it this time..

Hope you enjoy and thanks to all of you for your wonderful ideas.

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  1. I want to make this cake for a hamburgler friend of mine…what do youi think of grinding choc. chips into choc frosting for the patty? How did you soften the gunmdrops to roll out just by warming them in the microwave?? what about the cheese?? I know you can purchase any color of frosting fro the local bakery but I wonder about colored fondant?? I will call tomorrow


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