Coolest Gift Box Cake

I made this gift box cake for a friend of mine. She wanted all purple so I made two different shades of purple fondant. I made the bow four days ahead of time so it could dry.

To make the bow I cut strips of fondant about 1 in. wide and 5 in. long and made a loop. Then I laid the loops on their side to dry. I baked a yellow box cake mix and when it was cooled completely I sliced up fresh strawberries and put them between the layers with vanilla icing, then I crumb coated the whole thing and refrigerated it until the next morning.

Once the bow loops were dry I arranged them to look like a bow, gluing them in place with vanilla icing I colored purple. The bottom loops I stuffed with paper towel so they would keep their shape and not get squished by the weight of the other loops. (Then just before you serve the cake you can remove the paper towel.) Then I left the assembled bow to dry for another day.

The morning of the party I refrosted the cake so the frosting was nice and wet, and rolled out the dark purple fondant. This was only my third fondant cake so I was nervous about the cake being so big, I was afraid the fondant would rip so I actually rolled out two smaller pieces of fondant and put one on each side of the cake.

The light purple ribbon covers the seam in the center of the cake. To get the ribbon and stars to stick I wet my finger and rubbed the water across the fondant where I wanted to place them. Then pressed on each star for a few seconds to make sure they were going to stay in place. Last I added the bow, I was so nervous to move it, but it stayed together and worked out just fine.

My friend loved it and after seeing the cake, a couple at the party asked me to make a wedding cake for them.

Coolest Gift Box Cake

Coolest Gift Box Cake

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  1. I really like your cake. I too have just started working with fondant. I made a cake with the fondant bows very similar to yours but I was having trouble with the bottom bows breaking or going flat until I let them get more dry. Your bow is really nice and what a unique idea to put paper towels between them to hold the shape. Keep on baking and using your imagination.

  2. The cake that you have made is amazing. I really liked the idea of a gift box as well as the colour combination. Probably getting the same one made for my daughter’s 14 th birthday.

  3. I simply love your cake.This is just great.Its the most creative cake I’ve seen.And I love your other cakes too………

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