I baked this gift wrapped birthday cake a day before I decorated it. I baked it for my sister’s birthday. Her favorite color is purple. I made an easy and inexpensive vanilla flavored cake. About 20 cm by 20 cm  in size. To get the purple I mixed red Moirs food coloring with blue, but I used a little more red than blue to get the purple color.  I do have purple but it’s to dark, it’s a more dark blue/purple. I think this is a lovely light purple.

I used pink Moirs food coloring for the pink. I colored one piece of fondant purple and another piece pink. I started decorating the cake after I put my triplet girls to bed, otherwise they would’ve eaten all the fondant before I had a change to cover the cake. I first covered the cake and between the layers with liquid icing so the cake shouldn’t be dry. I rolled the purple fondant out on icing sugar and placed in over the cake. I then took my smallest heart shaped cookie cutter and press hearts out over the whole cake (the purple heart I left to harden and gave my kids the following day as sweets).

I then rolled out the pink fondant and used the same small heart cookie cutter and cut the exact amount of pink hearts out as I did the purple. I then used my liquid icing to paste the pink heart on the hollow parts on the cake. I then cut  4 strips of pink fondant and created the present effect as well as the bow effect. I used two flower shaped cookie cutters one smaller and one bigger one to create the flower shape and I made a small ball for the center part of the flower.  The love tag I used left over pink and purple fondant and mixed just so to create a marble effect. I rolled it out and used a knife with riffle effect to create the edges. I used a gel pink edible pen/tube to write love on it.  I didn’t leave any fondant to harden before I put it on the cake, I used it just as soft and covered the cake.