Coolest Girls Birthday Cake

This homemade girls birthday cake was for my daughters friends’ 11th birthday party. My wonderful dad (the greatest ever) built the cake stand for a baby shower cake I also made for my sister. The bottom 3 cakes are octagon shaped 12 inch and 8 inch cake pans.

I used the Collosal Cupake mold for the top cupcake. I used homemade icing and used tip 18 for the sides and top, and tip 20 for the borders. It was fun to make. I also purchased flowers from the dollar store and ribbon for the border from Hobby Lobby.

For the hanging flowers, I used rolled out fondant, cut with cookie cutters, poked a hole and inserted ribbon. I let them dry overnight and secured to the top cake plate with icing. I used toothpicks to hold the happy birthday name in place. The name was also made with fondant.

This homemade girls birthday cake was a lot of fun to make.

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