Coolest Glam Girl Cake

I love to make cakes for my kids. I have used this sight to get a lot of my ideas (so thanks everyone). The one thing that I have learned is that everyone’s cake will show up different, but it can work. Mine never looks like the one that I want.

So, here’s how I made this glam girl cake. For the purse I just cut the cake into a long triangle. Then used pink frosting and used a wire ribbon for the handle (it worked pretty good for me).

With the left over cake I made 2 squares and stuck suckers in them, it gave it a little extra.

The Box was the hardest thing, but fun to make. I used graham crackers for the top, sides and the drawer at the bottom. I covered it all in white chocolate dyed with food coloring. Then I just used candy jewelry and sprees.

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