Coolest Goldilocks Birthday Cake

I had a lot of fun making this Goldilocks Birthday Cake for my daughter’s birthday party. I had to talk them into actually cutting the cake because all the little girls and the moms didn’t want to “mess it up”! LOL.

I used an oval cake pan. I frosted it like I did, freehand, knowing they would love “Goldilocks”. We decided next time we make one we will make PaPa, MaMa, and Baby Bear to go with it!! The looks on their faces when they saw what was made just for them was truly priceless!

One tip on frosting that helped it keep it’s shape was to chill it before and after decorating as we lived in a warm climate. They also let us put it in the fridge at the roller rink while were skating before time to eat.

I used a cake mix, and butter cream frosting that is somewhat thick. I did use butter instead of shortening or margarine which is why I chill it. It tastes better, but without chilling will get soft quicker. I used paste coloring instead of liquid. I used extra large tips to do her “locks”.

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