Coolest Gonzaga Bulldogs Cake

My husband went to Gonzaga Law school in Spokane, Washington (many years ago) so he really wanted a cake that depicted their mascot – the Gonzaga Bulldogs Cake. I looked and looked for a cake for an example but couldn’t find any. So, I check out the schools web page for a good logo. I decided on this one.

I made a 11×15 cake and then put the blown up pattern on top and carved out the shape. Then, I used buttercream frosting and worked for quite a while on the colors but I think they are fairly close to the original. After setting aside a cup of white frosting, I covered it all in a layer of the gray blue and then tinted the remainder for the darker outlining. I was trying to do the pin-prick method but it just wouldn’t work so I had to draw the lines freehand. My hand was a bit shaky and I flubbed with the GU but I think that the rest of it (the dog) actually turned out fairly good. I finished with the red collar and red outlining.

All at the party thought it was really close to my original and my hubby was very pleased that I made something so personal for him!