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Cool Homemade Diploma Graduation Cake

I made this graduation cake in an 11 x 15 pan by Wilton. I used 2 white cake mixes which filled the pan well. After cooling, I cut a 3 inch strip off the top. Using that strip, I cut it into thirds. I placed one square on each corner- top left and bottom right.

I used a custard cup to trace and trim the cake into the rounded corners. I frosted the cake with buttercream icing. I printed the font off the computer. I traced this onto transparency paper. I reversed it and traced the lettering with black frosting gel. I then used this to “stamp” the image into the cake. This method works quite well!

I traced over the stamped lettering with black icing. I did the same stamp technique for the U of H symbol which I got off the Internet and the name Sam.

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  1. This is a really neat cake! I just got asked to make a graduation cake and was looking here for ideas and I think this is the one that I will use! Thanks for the neat idea!


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