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Coolest Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

This Guitar cake, inspired by Eddie Van Halen and Guitar Hero, was for our eight year old son who’s recently mastered the Guitar Hero Series of games on Nintendo’s WII. The little monster plays the game on some type of HYPER speed with his back turned which makes me wonder what he will do with that talent later in life. It’s really a hilarious sight to see and I’ll try to get a video of him in action.

The guitar cake is vanilla with a chocolate handle. The photo you see here does not have the guitar strings in place yet, since I came up with a better solution for them tonight, and I have to run to the store tomorrow to pick up the product.

This cake is fondant over our signature butter cream icing, which is receiving huge accolades recently from our customers. This guitar cake is a yard long and should serve 25 to 30 kids.