This life-size Bass Guitar cake was the most challenging cake I had made to date.  The sister of the recipient requested that it be life-size and correct to the minutest of details.  At the time of the order, the ‘birthday boy’ was in the States (as this is where he lives) and he was coming to the UK to celebrate his 50th birthday. He was a member of a band and had been for the last 30 years, so his sister wanted something really special.

I had to reproduce the guitar using photographs of the actual guitar and exact measurements given to me.  I drew the guitar’s outline on graph paper so that I had a giant stencil. I needed so much cake!  I’m sure that there were at least 48 eggs in total! I had to custom make the board so that it was strong enough to take the weight, which was tricky in itself.  When I had cut out the cake in the shape of the guitar I had to painstakingly cover it in black fondant – which just has to be the hardest color to work with what with all the icing sugar marks!

It took a long time to put together, roughly around 18 hours. I used strawberry liquorice laces for the guitar strings and then painted them silver with an edible lustre.  The whole thing had to be coated 4 times in confectioners varnish to achieve the glaze.  It was well worth the effort, the sister of the recipient was over the moon and her brother was blown away by it, as were all the guests.  It really was a challenge, but I loved doing it and it’s certainly one I will never forget!