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Coolest Halloween Ghost Cake

This Halloween ghost cake was so easy! I started out with a yellow cake mix (shhhh! don’t tell!). I customized the box mix by tinting half of the batter a frightening shade of “witchy skin” green, and the remaining batter purple. Next, I filled muffin tins lined with Halloween themed cupcake paper liners with half of each color. The end of a paintbrush worked great for swirling the colors together.

I was very pleased with the way the colors baked, and they actually showed through the lighter colors of the paper liners.

One recipe of buttercream icing was enough for 24 cupcakes. I tinted part orange, part purple, and reserved several tablespoons to tint green. Tip #18 was used to create the star design icing. The ghosts are the marshmallow peeps you can buy at any grocery store. Use a couple of stars around the base of each ghost to hold them in place, and add a premade royal icing garnish if desired. I finished these fellows off with a shock of bright green hair made with tip #233. I have to admit in all honesty, the hair was the idea of my 10 year old granddaughter, Breanna, and it really gave the ghosts so much personality.

I couldn’t believe what a hit they made!

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