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Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Cake

I was making a cake for a Halloween party, and after looking on this website I decided to make a pumpkin cake.

However, I couldn’t find a ball pan to make a stand-up pumpkin, so I decided to do the frozen buttercream transfer method with a cartoon pumpkin instead.

I browsed for pumpkins and found this cute picture of Piglet hugging one. I had not intended to make a Disney-themed halloween cake, but the picture was so sweet I had to do it!

I traced the image onto greaseproof paper with piping gel. I then filled in the other areas with coloured buttercream, thinned so it would flow into the gaps. I froze it overnight and then put a layer of chocolate frosting over the picture. This then went back to the freezer while I made the cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting on top, yummy!) When the transfer was hard I took it from the freezer and flipped it onto the cake. When I peeled the paper off, my image was on the cake. It wasn’t perfect, but was good enough.

I finished with a pink border to match Piglet, “happy halloween” iced on the serving tray and a sprinkling of edible glitter. I’m pleased with what I came up with as I think it looks so much better than a stand-up pumpkin. I’m glad I changed my idea!

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