Coolest Hambuger Cake

This hamburger cake is slightly different from most of these recipes. Used a dome pan for the top, 9″ cake pan for the bottom. White cake for buns. Brownie for the burger.

Lettuce is green candy coating tinted several different shades, melted and poured on accordion folded/wrinkled wax paper. Mustard and ketchup are a thick, tinted confectioners sugar glaze. Tomato slices made in muffin cups are sliced strawberries in strawberry jello – pointed ends in – when solid, wrap with fruit rollup “skin”.

Relish is chopped kiwi. (apples or pears could probably be used for “onion” Finally – sesame seed are toasted pine nuts. This cake made it to my office for a co-worker’s party when the temperature was over 100 degrees – hence the “juicy” melted tomatoes.

Still – it tasted great with the chocolate, fruit and peanut butter flavors….oh the “french fries” are sticks of toasted pound cake.

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