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Cool Homemade Buttercream Hamburger Birthday Cake

My husband loves hamburgers so for his birthday I decided to make a Hamburger Birthday Cake. After getting several ideas from this website I gave it a shot.

The bun is white box cake in two 8 inch round pans, the burger is just chocolate cake in a round pan. I left one bun raised in the center to look more real and leveled the other to look like the bottom piece. I tinted the icing a brown color for the bun and I decided not to frost the burger patty but instead roughed up the edges a bit to make it look more realistic.

My husband doesn’t eat onions or tomatoes on his burger so I just tinted some icing for mustard and ketchup and actually applied it the way you would the real condiments. I wiped on the mayo, kinda dropped the ketchup and mustard and let it look oozing from the sides. Then I just added lettuce around the edges. Rice krispies for sesame seeds and taadaa a hamburger!

It looked awesome after we cut it open too, like a real hamburger. My husband was very pleased and I got a lot of compliments. It’s super easy and I recommend trying it. This website is a go to place for me any time I need an idea for a cake. Thanks for everyone who posted their cakes.

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