Coolest Hamburger Cupcakes

I got this homemade hamburger cupcakes idea from searching online for something cool to make. I don’t remember where I saw the idea first but I got more ideas on how to actually make these cupcakes from this site.

I used vanilla cupcakes for the buns, one cupcake slices in half for each hamburger. For the burger part I used the bottom part of a chocolate cupcake.

For the mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise I used Italian buttercream meringue and food coloring (just yellow and red since the frosting was white). For the lettuce I colored shredded coconut green.

Assembly was pretty easy, I put frosting on the bottom, then the burger, then more frosting, coconut, more frosting and the top half. I brushed some water on the top part and put some sesame seeds. Also to keep from falling apart upon delivery I stuck a toothpick in the middle of each burger.

I made everything from scratch though you can use cake mix and store bought frosting. Also you can change the flavor of the cupcakes as long as you keep the colors right (lemon, peanut butter, chocolate-mint, etc.)

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