I made this Handy Manny cake for my son Jake’s 4th birthday. He is totally into building things and just loves Handy Manny .

For this cake I used my biggest roasting dish to get the size of the cake that I needed and then printed the picture of Handy Manny from the net that I wanted.

I then cut around the outline and used this as my template. I used a toothpick to push through the paper to give me the outlines of where I had to colour. Colouring it in required a bit of patience but it was definetly worth it. I just used my piping bag to do the outline first and then just filled in the rest and used a small knife to smooth it out.

I used butter icing on the whole thing and used a paste to get the right colours. I had a little trouble getting the dark brown right but the lady at the cake shop suggested using cocoa and it worked a treat.

To finish it off I found a tool chocolate mold that I used to make little chocolate tools that I put around the bottom edges. Jake just absolutely loved it, he even got dressed up as Handy Manny on the day and I made little Tool box party bags out of cardboard for all the kids to take home.