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Sweet Homemade Handy Manny Cake

I made this Handy Manny cake for my son Jake’s 4th birthday. He is totally into building things and just loves Handy Manny .

For this cake I used my biggest roasting dish to get the size of the cake that I needed and then printed the picture of Handy Manny from the net that I wanted.

I then cut around the outline and used this as my template. I used a toothpick to push through the paper to give me the outlines of where I had to colour. Colouring it in required a bit of patience but it was definetly worth it. I just used my piping bag to do the outline first and then just filled in the rest and used a small knife to smooth it out.

I used butter icing on the whole thing and used a paste to get the right colours. I had a little trouble getting the dark brown right but the lady at the cake shop suggested using cocoa and it worked a treat.

To finish it off I found a tool chocolate mold that I used to make little chocolate tools that I put around the bottom edges. Jake just absolutely loved it, he even got dressed up as Handy Manny on the day and I made little Tool box party bags out of cardboard for all the kids to take home.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Homemade Handy Manny Cake”

  1. This may or may not be new to you:
    To put characters (or whatever) on cakes, I began using fondant. Use it as you might use playdough. You can roll it out thin or thick to get the design you want. Trace the pattern on the fondant. You can cut out the pattern with an exacto knife. Then take edible airbrush paints and art supply paintbrushes to color in the patterns. Use a very fine paint brush to detail the picture. These can be made up ahead of time and frozen or refrigerated in plastic boxes. Just lay the finished fondant pattern on your iced cake. They will adhere, and you can embellish them however you want. I have had great success with this procedure. The fondant is so easy to work with, too. You can flavor the fondant, but I prefer using it the way it comes because it has a good taste. This is a favorite way of mine to decorate cakes, especially kids’ cakes and novelty cakes.

  2. Were did you get the Handy Mandy picture from to do this cake? Are you able to tell me because my son is very keen for me to do the same cake. Thanks. I will come back from time to time.


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