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Coolest Heineken Beer Bottle Birthday Cake

My name is Sarah Campbell from Long Island New York and this Heineken Beer Bottle Birthday Cake is my second cake on the website. It is a red velvet Heineken bottle cake made for my boyfriend Leon’s 29th birthday!

I started off using two separate pans to create the general shape of the cake. One big loaf pan then a smaller one for the neck of the bottle. Filled the pans with red velvet batter then after baking let the cakes chill in the freezer for easier sculpting. Using a bread knife I shaped out a bottle shape then began to mix up some buttercream icing from a general recipe of butter confectioners, shortening and almond extract. It took quite a lot of green dye to get the color I wanted but buy the flavorless and you wont have to worry about sacrificing the taste!

I then began to coat the cake with green icing and continued on to cut out the label using plain white fondant and dying the colors that I needed for the ribbon and the red star. Just to make sure I got perfect stars for my bottle I used a metal star cookie cutter. I then iced on the writing while making sure that I looked at a picture of a Heineken bottle to get the font exactly right, it’s a very important part of authenticity.

For the bottle cap I used green fondant, rolled out, then pleated and shaped it into a cap. To give it the metallic effect and that extra touch I used silver iridescent powder, fully edible and bought at a craft store, applied with a paint brush on the raised parts of the cap, that came out wonderful. I was very happy with it.

To finish off my cake I piped green trim all around the outside using a star tip! Then little red dots using a smaller piping tip. The good part about this cake was it was in December and the colors are Christmasy too! Hope you all love it, I know Leon did!

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