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Coolest Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

For my niece’s first birthday I decided to make her a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake after I got the idea online. I’ve never worked with fondant or carving cakes before. I wanted to be sure I could make it before the day of her birthday party. My first attempt was not horrible but I knew I could do better with the fondant than I did.

Baking and carving:

I baked two 9×13 boxed mix cakes and froze each for about an hour. After I took them out of the freezer, I used super whipped icing from the grocery to frost the top of one of the cakes. I gently placed the second cake on top to prepare for the carving.

I found a picture of Hello Kitty on the internet and stretched it out to make it the size I wanted the cake. Using the cut out placed on top of the cake I carved the shape of hello kitty?s head.

Fondant and details:

First attempt:

I purchased the fondant in a box at the craft store; it was a bit tricky to work with as it was my first time around. I used a simple wooden rolling pin than left dents in the fondant and caused it to be thinner in some areas than in others. When I placed the fondant on her head, the fondant ripped in some areas which I tried to fix with water and virtually ruined the fondant.

Second attempt:

I found a $7 rolling pin with handles that was much easier to use. I measured the sides of the cake and used the cut out paper face as a guideline. Placing the fondant on the cake was much easier and it came out very smooth- I did not frost the top of her face before I laid the fondant. The details of her face like the bow, eyes, nose, whiskers, and flowers were all tediously handmade. I printed out a couple copies of her face and used a sheet protector to create the placement, size, and shape of her bow, nose, and eyes. Coloring the fondant was really simple, I found color paste at the craft store in pink and black and I used common food color to dye some fondant blue, green, and yellow for her nose and some flowers.

The flowers were cut out with a cookie cutter type tool that I found at the craft store and glued together using a dab of water. The whiskers were cut out and dried over night to gain firmness and were glued to her face with a bit of butter cream icing. I wanted the cake to look somewhat professional so I bought a 12 inch box and 12 inch round cake holders at the craft store.

All in all the cake came out really nice and I had a lot of fun making it. I can?t wait to make more creations using fondant.

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  1. My best friends daughter will be celebrating her first birthday this weekend with Hello Kitty as the theme. I found your cake online and absolutely could not get over how professional it looked. I have never worked with fondant,but am looking forward to attempting this project. I will post again as soon as my cake is complete to let you know how it turned out. Thank you for the awesome idea!


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