I took inspiration from this site before making my Hello Kitty Birthday Cake, so I thought I would return the favour by posting mine!

I used a cream cheese icing for this cake, in order to achieve a nice white colour. I did not add butter like many recipes say, as I wanted it to stay white. I also did not use vanilla extract/essence as this would have coloured the cream as well. Instead I used 1 tsp of lemon flavouring, which I checked beforehand was clear! It tasted delicious. I used 6oz cream cheese (just a normal tub cream cheese from the supermarket) and 6oz icing sugar, or until I got the right consistency.

Because I was using cream cheese, I opted to make a carrot cake instead of the normal sponge. I used 8in cake tins and printed out a Hello Kitty face from Google images to use as a template. I froze the cake for an hour or so before cutting out the face, then froze overnight before crumb coating and doing the final coat. I used a Betty Crocker carrot cake mix but made it extra special by following the premium carrot cake recipe on the Betty Crocker website which by the way came out deliciously moist! This is also why I froze it overnight before icing.

For the nose and eyes I used midget gems in a packet bought from M&S. The flower was made with jelly beans and the whiskers a roll of liquorice, both from the pick’n’mix at Sainsbury’s.