My son loves playing the game Hi Ho! Cherry-O so that was the inspiration behind this cake.

I started by baking a 2 layer 12″ square cake and iced it with white buttercream icing. I then sprayed the top with Wilton’s blue spray food coloring. I found a round object about the size of the middle part and pressed into icing for a guideline. I outlined and then used a leaf tip to make little leaves all around it.

I then used the grass tip to make the grassy areas in each corner. The tree trunk was made using a large star tip and the top was outlined and then filled with green sugar crystals. The cherries are Wilton’s sour cherry balls.

The kid figurines were found at a model train store and the rest of the detail was just piped in colored buttercream icing. On the side I wrote “Hi Ho! Cherry-O Grant is now 3 years old!”

Coolest Hi Ho Cherry O Cake