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Coolest Snake And Mouse Cake

My nephew had two birthday parties. He enjoyed cutting into his lobster cake so much, I decided another animal shaped cake was the way to go for his second party. He’s started to get into reptiles and I’ve seen pics before, so I went with a snake cake.

Being the little boy that he is, he really enjoyed stabbing his lobster, so what other kind of cake than red velvet (classic Steel Magnolias moment). Most snake cake recipes called for bundt cakes, I used my angel food pan instead since it allows a slightly larger volume.

Thinking the portion sizes would be more generous for the kids. I baked two. I cut one cake in two larger pieces and two small pieces, using the smaller pieces for the head and tail. The second cake I cut in three some what equal shapes. I played with he arrangement of the pieces several times for the zig-zags and just to get it to fit on my cake board.

I iced in between the connecting pieces. Then I refrigerated the cake in position for about an hour for easier frosting of the remaining cake area. I then frosted my snake with green icing. I tinted my pre-made fondant the best I could, rolled it out the length of the snake and then covered my cake. This is where my angel food idea caught up to me. The skinnier size of a bundt would have been much easier to cover with fondant; the angel food width I struggled with especially at the curvy areas of the snake.

There were several tears I had to attempt to repair. I patched them with additional green icing and puzzle pieces of fondant. Also, attempted to distract away from them by putting large areas of decorating glitter in strategic areas.

The finishing touch I cannot take full credit for, I saw another snake cake online with a mouse about to be eaten, so I took that idea and made the little white mouse purely out of fondant to accompany the snake. It helped a lot with identifying the cake as a snake. (Due to the width some first impressions were that of an eel.)

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