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Cool Homemade Hockey Cake

To make this fun hockey cake, I baked a standard 9×13 cake (whatever type your kid likes). After it cooled, I frosted it with white fluffy frosting and smoothed it out to get the look of ice. I used 5 of my son’s hockey guys and the goals on top of the cake. He wanted it to be a shootout so one guy is shooting against the goalie as his teammates stand by watching.

I drew out the lines with red and blue frosting according to what my son described as to how the ice looks since he plays. This was an easy cake to make and my son and his friends loved it!

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  1. My son has a box of “Hockey Guys” that comes with the nets and plastic ice rink…we got it at Learning Express. They also make Baseball Guys, Football Guys, etc. Keeps him playing for hours.


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