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Coolest Homemade Birthday Book Cake

This Homemade Birthday Book Cake is my first attempt at covering a cake with fondant over a marzipan layer. My first cake was covered with a marzipan. The kids love the marzipan taste but the molding was not so smooth and it did not color quite nicely. Fondant, on the other hand looked smooth and I thought I would give it a try.

Starting your first fondant covered cake with a book idea is probably one of the simplest with good result. I used a semi-cylindrical cake pan for the rounded spine and a square cake pan for the body of the book. First I covered it with almond paste or marzipan (recipe from here…)

Remember to use fruit jam as on the surface of the cake to ‘stick’ the marzipan. Since marzipan is easy to shape, I introduce edges for the book to give it more shape.

For the fondant layer, I start with thin rectangular strips of uncolored white fondant on the sides to make them look like pages of the book. The the green layer for the front hard cover and orange layer to highlight the spine of the book.

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