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Coolest Homemade Soccer Ball Cake

I made this cool soccer ball cake for my nephew’s six year old birthday party. It was at an indoor soccer facility so I knew I had to make a cake to go with the theme! I made this cake chocolate and vanilla so there was something for everyone. I got a simple butter cream frosting recipe from the Wilton website, and divided it into three colors-green, black and white.

I simply made a two layer chocolate cake for the bottom, and frosted it with butter cream frosting that I tinted a bright green to look like grass. Even the inside frosting was green between the layers. For the ball at the top I baked a vanilla cake inside a Pyrex bowl to create the shape of a ball. Be sure to generously grease the inside of the bowl first! When the “ball” cooled, I placed it upside down on top of the 2 layer cake. I spread a thin layer of butter cream frosting over the “ball” which some bakers call “dirty icing the cake” because the layer is thin and may have crumbs in it, but it is a foundation layer of frosting over the cake before you begin the decorative detail.

I found a template from the Wilton site for the shapes of the soccer ball, but you can find them anywhere online. I used a star tip with black frosting and piped the shape on the top of the cake first, then worked my way around the “ball”. I was really nervous about the placement and wanted it to be exact, but then I decided to cut myself a break and relax and realized the shapes didn’t need to be perfect! So I created a few black shapes and then filled in the rest of the “ball” with white frosting and a star tip. I piped black frosting around the bottom of the “ball” as a border and to hide any imperfections, and lastly I made a simple green border with a small circular tip to look like grass. I just moved the tip in a zig-zag option around the bottom of the cake.

The boys went crazy when they saw this cake, and my nephew absolutely loved it. The whole team was there and shared in the celebration.

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