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Coolest Horse Baby Diaper Cake

I started this Horse Baby Diaper Cake for my daughter’s baby shower. She is 7 months long and I thought the diaper cakes would make great centerpieces for each of the tables. So far everyone who has seen it thought it was great. It has given me many ideas I would like to do for future baby diaper cakes.

They are easy to make and take a good imagination to put a beautiful diaper cake together. This was my first diaper cake and I loved doing it. The centerpieces take about one hour a piece to make and I have 6 more to go with so many ideas flowing through my head. On the second diaper cake there will be a cow on top and rope around the middle with maybe spurs and some type of fencing and maybe green grass around the cow.

All it takes is a pack of diapers, rubber bands and a hot glue gun and your on your way to making your first baby diaper cake.

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