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Coolest Diaper Cake Idea

I my name is Regina and I make diaper cakes as a hobby for friends and family as centerpieces for baby showers. Now I am making them for gifts.

First I get 2 bags of diapers, new born & size ones & roll them all up separately then place a clear rubber band around each one. Once I get them all rolled up then I start by placing a bottle on the table with a rubber band around it. I start adding the rolled diapers into the rubber band until I have 40 diapers on the bottom layer, then I place that bottom layer on a plastic tray.

Then I start the 2nd layer with a soft foot ball in the middle with a rubber band around it & keep adding diapers to it until I have 28 diapers for the middle section. For the very top I have a sippy cup with a rubber band and add 8 rolled diapers.

Now you have all 3 layers for your diaper cake. Then you stack them on top of each other & place bamboo sticks from the top down to the bottom of the diaper cake so it will not move while transporting it. Then I add some wash cloths, passies, rattles, baby oil, a lot of little things that a new mom can use for the baby. Then I decorate it with ribbons & hot glue little baby bottles & diaper pins all around the cake.

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