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Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake

For the base of the Hula Girl Birthday Cake I used a 10″ round cake pan. I doubled the layers of cake on the base, with butter cream icing to separate the layers. For the Hula skirt I baked the cake in a 2 quart Pyrex bowl @ 350 degrees for 50 minutes. I made sure the cakes were completely cool before I began to put it together.

I used homemade butter cream icing for decorating the cake. I completely decorated the base of the cake first, then added the skirt and simply pushed Barbie down in the center ( with the bottom half of Barbie wrapped in plastic wrap). After the barbie was placed in, I decorated the hula skirt using a standard writing tip. I had pre-made all of the flowers using homemade Royal icing.

After the whole cake was completely decorated, I then placed all of the Royal icing flowers on the cake. This was a real hit for our 6 year old’s Luau Birthday party.

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