Coolest Humpty Dumpty Cake

My son loved the Humpty Dumpty rhyme as a baby so my husband and I made him this Humpty Dumpty cake for his 1st birthday.

The bottom is an ordinary circle cake. We made the grass out of coconut coloured with green food colouring. And then just plain old smarties and sprinkles for the other decorations.

The idea for the top (Humpty’s wall) came from an old fashioned women’s weekly (Australian) cookbook. It’s just a cut down log cake. It was iced thickly with chocolate icing and we used an empty matchbox to make the brick pattern. We did have to keep the cake cold until party time so this chocolate icing didn’t melt into the grass!

The Humpty is a small plush toy from the Australian television show Play School and a nice little keepsake from my bub’s first birthday cake. Humpty is fixed to the wall with toothpicks.

All the party guests loved this cake! It was a great little baby cake for the 1st birthday.

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