Coolest Ice Cream Cone Cake

This Ice Cream Cone cake was made for my son’s pre-school graduation. The teacher asked me to make something fitting for the theme of the graduation party, which was “summer”.

Here’s how I made the cake: First,I made two cakes; a big rectangular cake and one circle. Then I cut a triangle out of the rectangle cake, and sliced off the bottom of the circle-shaped one so that it fit in size, and placed it on top of the triangle. Then I coated the entire thing with vanilla whipped cream frosting.

For the cone, I used mini tea-biscuits as pavement to create a waffle effect. I made a chocolate frosting using chocolate and butter (the kind that hardens) and carefully coated only part of the whip cream to make it look like fudge that had been poured over the top. Whatever was left plain white I decorated with M&M’s.

We are really excited about this cake and it was a HIT in my son’s class!

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